Almost two years ago now, we presented our cloud-based event and alarm management platform NXG GENESIS to abacon. After a short but intensive test phase, it was clear to abacon that cloud-based services, and NXG GENESIS in particular, were the answer to the most important expectations: increased efficiency, high effectiveness and reliability. A few weeks later, abacon was one of the first NXG GENESIS customers to go live with the system.

NXGEN: Mr. Egli, when we met just under two years ago, you were actively looking for a new solution for your video security connections. What was the problem? 

Manuel EGLI: We were looking for an optimal solution for integrating video systems into our alarm process. At that time, we had already experienced the benefits of cloud-based services with Sitasys alarm management. However, we still lacked a corresponding solution on the video side that offered us a lot of freedom in integrating different systems, met our high quality expectations and would sustainably support our growth in the video segment. Peter Monte, CEO of Sitasys, introduced us to the NXGEN team and we found what we were looking for.

NXGEN: What were your other expectations for a new solution?

Manuel EGLI: We were not prepared to compromise on reliability. We live our responsibility to our customers. We were presented with many potential solutions, all of them not really up to our expectations. 

We wanted a user-friendly solution that was very clearly designed so that our team could be quickly trained. The solution should offer a high degree of flexibility and be usable for both fixed installations and mobile solutions. Last but not least, the solution should be cost transparent and cost effective. 

NXG GENESIS met all expectations here and also offered unexpected trump cards through automated workflows, state-of-the-art AI-powered video analytics technology and rapid integration with other solutions via the cloud. For example, we were able to have a weather station integrated for our mobile surveillance towers, which allows us to be informed of weather changes at an early stage and, if necessary, arrange for the timely evacuation of marquees before a storm rages. 

NXGEN: What were your main problems with your old solution?

Manuel EGLI: Local servers were necessary. Different systems and software needed a lot of attention. To be honest, IT maintenance is not our favorite task. We prefer to focus our time and resources on serving our customers. 

The processes were also complicated because the systems were not of one piece or were difficult to unify. Our employees sometimes had difficulty finding their way around the different systems, which had a negative impact on alarm processing. The heterogeneous landscape of video systems meant that many false alarms were the order of the day. Pure stress for the team. 

With the new NXG GENESIS platform, a high degree of automation and digitalization optimizes monitoring processes, makes the handling of video alarms safe and easy for operators, and limits them to real alarms with efficiency. In this way, our staff can ultimately cope with a rapidly growing number of video call-outs. 

Alarm processing is possible within a short time because the alarm sequence is very clear, the operation is intuitive and all tools are ready to use. All steps are automatically documented, and reporting is also included.

NXGEN: In a nutshell, what do you see as the main advantages of NXG GENESIS over other solutions?

Manuel EGLI: The user-friendliness of NXGEN and the automated processes make the system efficient and fast; many sites can be monitored simultaneously. The effectiveness in alarm handling convinces us and allows us to work quickly and reliably with a small team.

Uniform management of different systems is possible with the cloud-based platform. The quick overview during alarm processing, as well as the alarm intervention according to defined schedules provide security for companies and private customers. Our employees work confidently and highly concentrated.


NXGEN; Do you use the AI-supported false alarm filtering function? If so, what is your experience with it?

Manuel EGLI: The filter functions are very reliable. We really don’t want to do without them anymore. The automatic object detection and categorization allows precise filtering. This avoids false alarms, which used to cause a heavy workload for our staff, and our growth stalled as a result. 

NXGEN: What would be interesting new segments for you to manage with NXG GENESIS?

Manuel EGLI: We have had inquiries about virtual tours, which can be easily designed with NXG GENESIS. We also see a high potential in the monitoring of sensors and building technology, in order to master both safety aspects more holistically, but also topics such as operational security through data-based predictive maintenance. With NXG GENESIS, such topics can be approached in a completely new way via the cloud. So it remains exciting!

NXGEN: Thank you very much for these interesting insights Mr. Egli. We are looking forward to seeing what other challenges we can solve for you in the future. 


Manuel Egli – Leader monitoring services and technical department

Über abacon Sicherheit AG

The Swiss company abacon Sicherheit AG is an innovative provider of security solutions with its own control center and response teams. abacon places a high value on providing high-quality services to its customers.

abacon is connecting stationary and mobile video security systems to NXG GENESIS.

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