Smart AI based Detection Solutions

Camect is a Silicon Valley company creating the simplest and most useful security solutions from ordinary camera installations in homes and businesses. At Camect, ex-Googlers, computer scientists, and security industry veterans work together to redefine the security camera experience.

Camect brings a unique user experience that requires minimal configuration. A system to monitor high value assets takes only minutes to configure, complete with accurate alert notifications delivered in real-time, universal secure remote access, a single way to integrate cameras of many different brands.

Using advanced AI technologies, Camect is offering a high level of detection accuracy, including a fast improving object qualification database.

NXGEN Technology is the exclusive distributor of Camect’s range of smart detection solutions for DACH. The Camect devices have been integrated to NXGEN’s cloud platform for alarm and event management, NXG GENESIS. The combination of best in class technologies is insuring high efficiency in video monitoring your assets.

Powerful AI.

Most surveillance systems provide generic ‘motion detected’ notifications or false alerts for trees, insects or weather.

Camect provides a completely new experience with AI generated accurate alerts.

Learns from You.

Camect’s artificial intelligence improves when you choose to share feedback. Providing feedback on objects that are most interesting helps Camect learn — making it more accurate over time.

You can also customize each camera to focus on objects that are most interesting for that area.

Stream from Your Devices.

Camect provides you with instant access from your phone, tablet, computer, or even Amazon Alexa device. You can view live cameras, recorded video, and get detailed alerts so you know what is happening at your home or business.

Your Data. Your Device.

Camect is much more secure than cloud systems because it stores and analyzes video locally on your own private device. Camect also has 1TB of storage that can be expanded with external hard disks or network attached storage.

  • Camect employees do not have access to your video.
  • Camect has a real privacy policy.
  • Video never goes to the “cloud” — You stay in control of your data.
  • Video is never sent off the device in unencrypted form.

The combined power of Camect and NXG GENESIS is truly a game changer in high quality video monitoring.

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