AF SECURITY GROUP has been using NXG GENESIS since April 2021. Mr Loizzi, Head of the Emergency and Service Control Centre at AF SECURITY, talks about his experience with NXGEN Technologies innovative cloud platform for event and alarm management.

NXG: Mr Loizzi, thank you for agreeing to talk about your experience with NXG GENESIS. How did the desire for a new solution for your control centre come about at that time? What were your motives?

Mr Loizzi: At that time, we were looking for a system that could do more than simply receive alarms. Our previous video reception solution proved to be very limited in everyday work. Furthermore, it was always very cumbersome to integrate new manufacturers. Also, the system maintenance for updates or new product series of the suppliers did not meet our expectations, we were always far behind. This regularly led to increased stress in alarm processing.

Furthermore, there were always restrictions in the sales department, which approached us with new service requirements and their own ideas, which we could not map with the previous solution. It was now time to look for a more sustainable and future-oriented solution so that our operators, the sales team and, of course, our customers could have fun again.

NXG: Did other criteria play a role for you?

Mr Loizzi: Absolutely. Of course, we expect to be able to manage all technologies under one interface. Our standard video surveillance solutions as well as intrusion detection technology and other options, such as the remote switching of IO contacts or other sensors, should interact smartly and enable more flexible and innovative security concepts. of course independently of the manufacturers used.

Within the framework of our high quality standards, it was also important to us to build on a system where customer support is taken seriously. We need to be sure that any problems will be dealt with reliably and promptly. We were looking for a real partner who would be happy to onboard our ideas and wishes and come back to us with creative solutions.

NXG: How did you come together with NXGEN?

Mr Loizzi: We became aware of NXGEN through the recommendation of a good business partner, Wim Harthoorn from ADDSECURE. The system was presented to us and a test environment was set up at short notice, which went without any effort on our part thanks to the cloud architecture of NXG GENESIS. After a few clicks, we were able to get started immediately with a detailed test of NXG GENESIS. We were immediately convinced by the variety of functions, the very clear user environment and the wide range of integrations.

AF Security NSL employees working on NXG GENESIS
NXG: How did the integration process go?

Mr Loizzi: After a few weeks, it was clear to us that we were switching to NXG GENESIS. The migration went smoothly. NXGEN provided us with optimal support during the preparations. We were live with the new system in just a few days. The team quickly felt at home in the new working environment and enjoys being able to concentrate on the essentials again: efficient alarm processing.

AF Security operator working with NXG GENESIS

When it comes to support, NXGEN has shown that we made the right decision. No matter what problem arises or what request we make, the support team immediately hangs in there and gives 110%.

We also chose to use NXGEN’s AI-based video false alarm filtering, which has greatly increased our alarm handling efficiency as alarm operators no longer have to waste valuable time dealing with false alarms.

NXG: What’s next?

Mr Loizzi: The NXG GENESIS platform is a very effective tool – it allows us to work much more efficiently with a very lean cost structure. The team has been able to get up to speed very quickly because of the intuitive UI. The wide range of options that we can unite under one platform opens up completely new potentials for us.

Currently, we are already working on new service options with which we will serve customers even better and win new clientele. The high flexibility of cloud-to-cloud integration makes it possible to work in a much more creative and customer-oriented way. NXG GENESIS will be an important asset for us to accelerate our growth.

Luca Loizzi, Manager of AF Security’s Monitoring Centre

“The user-friendliness of NXG GENESIS has enthused the entire team of our monitoring centre from the very beginning, as everything is up to date and the alarm manager is easy to use. Our teams particularly like the wide range of possible integrations and the automated processes. Due to the wide range of applications already mentioned, we will be able to expand our range of services in the future.”

About AF Security Group

AF Security Group is an innovative security company from the south of Germany, which covers all aspects of commercial and residnetial security. In addition to the installation of security systems, AF Security Group also offers personnel services and rounds off its range with its modern monitoring centre.
Video solutions from various manufacturers as well as intrusion detection systems from, for example, Vanderbilt (Flex C) or Jablotron are connected to the NXG GENESIS platform.

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